Moncon is a next generation monitoring tool that accounts for todayís new operational realities. 25% of all internet traffic is attack traffic. Is it any wonder that everyone is being hacked? It is not enough to simply monitor uptime anymore, you have to make sure that all of your basic infrastructure is up, secure and responsive. This means your servers, websites, DNS, SSL, domains, IP routings and internet reputation (Google safe browsing, Anti-virus blacklists, URL blacklists, Phishing blacklists, Email blacklists) should be monitored for changes and basic security. During testing it was discovered that is on 2 DNS blacklists. This shows that anyone can get on a blacklist. Can you really afford not be able to send/receive emails or have customers refuse (or worse be physically unable) to connect to your site because of a blacklist or weak security? In todayís times, you have to do more faster than you have ever done before. Moncon can help.

It takes 24-48 hours for an attack to complete. Unfortunately, these attacks will place a larger burden on smaller businesses since they canít afford the same staffing levels and software as larger companies. 60-70% of small businesses will fail after a major attack. Large companies can lose over $1 million dollars after an attack. As long as the attackers are making money, the attacks will continue to get worse. It does not matter what your business is, if it is on the internet it is being scanned and attacked.

Because the attackers are continuously scanning for weak points, the only option for businesses is to also continuously scan for weaknesses multiple times per day. At this point there are three options, use manpower, software or hope for the best. The only real option is to use software to monitor. It is simply too expensive to run these tests manually and too dangerous to skip monitoring at all.

The network has become the key linchpin in your technology services. Effectively this means that more resources are needed to monitor your network for problems. Moncon has the ability to communicate complex network issues to non-technical personnel via graphs. Monconís graphs will clearly show anyone when/where there are complex network problems. Monconís graphs allow users to comprehend and diagnose hundreds of thousands of data points in seconds.

Moncon is a system administratorís toolkit for todayís internet. It was specifically developed to show non-technical managers what is going on in their network.

Moncon is a complementary product to firewalls, anti-virus, remote management and basic operating system security software. Firewalls, anti-virus and basic operating system security have proven to be ineffective in stopping malicious attacks on the internet. Moncon actively monitors what each server is presenting to the world in terms of available servers and notifies administrators when something is amiss (speed, security or something new). Moncon can monitor any type of server or service as long as it can get through the firewall.

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Moncon Feature List

No Remote Software Installation
No Remote Privileges Required
Basic Monitoring Tests (monitor anything via 4 basic protocols)
Automatic Retry on Failure of Basic Monitoring Tests (removes false positives)
Basic tests have to fail 3 consecutive times before a failure report is issued.
Automatic Notifications if a Down Monitor comes back up
Configurable Anti-Spam Notifications
SSL Certificate Expiration Monitoring
SSL Certificate Changed Monitoring
SSL Certificate Transparency Report Monitoring
DNS IP/Name Monitoring
Domain Transfer Monitoring
World-wide DNS Real Time Black List Monitoring
World-wide Email Real Time Black List Monitoring
Slow HTTP response times
Changed HTTP page
Port Scanning (what ports changed on a computer)
Check for change in referenced links in a website
Google Safe Browsing Search of all Referenced links in a website
Norton Safe Browsing Status Monitoring
McAfee Safe Browsing Status Monitoring
Phishing Site Monitoring
Custom Date Monitoring
Extensive SSL X509 Certificate Verification (includes Revocation Lists)
Weak SSL Configuration
PFS Configured
Weak SSH Configuration
Domain Name Expiration Checking
Mixed http/https website Monitoring
Dead links on website Monitoring
Can Install Inside of your Firewall
Can Run Tests Against Any Internet Computer
Extensive Analysis Tools on Every Test
Email Alerts