Security is only as good as Vulnerability Intelligence

Know your vulnerabilities before the bad actors do

Storm Rider provides actionable feedback on websites & domains by discovering poor hygiene using a proprietary outside-in methodology. We analyze metrics that are often overlooked and can be critical entry-points for threat actors. With Storm Rider, specific vulnerabilities are exposed that are unique to your domain, producing a vulnerability rating with corresponding details of each threat exposure used for threat remediation.

Storm Rider unique capabilities

The Storm Rider platform focuses on providing real-time critical vulnerabilities about your domains physical and effective attack surfaces designed to help companies proactively implement threat remediation actions to reduce overall Company Risk Posture. The software performs a Read Only scan of a company's internet public assets and produces a detailed report of what it finds. It also looks at hundreds of other websites that have blacklists to see if your domain is present. Together these metrics comprise a Security Credit Score. This score is used to rank the effective security posture versus all other companies.

Just like credit scores are used to rate consumers and business for their credit worthyness, Security Credit Scores are used to rate companies security posture.

What are my physical and effective attack surfaces?

There are a number of services (email, web servers, DNS, domain names) that all companies are required to have to use the internet. These are all public records. Threat actors start analyzing your company by going through these records.

Your physical attack surface is all of your public facing internet infrastructure. Your effective attack surface is the sum of your physical attack surfaces plus all of your vendors and suppliers attack surfaces. For that reason, it is recommended that a security scan be performed on all vendors and suppliers.

Domain Vulnerability Scan Plans

Features Single Scan Basic Plan Vendor Plan Professional Plan
Pricing $299 $5,999/yr $18,999/yr $39,999/yr
# of Domains covered 1 10 500 1500
% Companies that are More Secure than You Y Y Y Y
Security Credit Risk Score (Vulnerability Score) Y Y Y Y
Scaled Risk Y Y Y Y
Total Risk Items Y Y Y Y
Detailed Vulnerability Analysis Y Y Y Y

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